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Friday, January 13th 2017

What is Medical Tourism Insurance?

Written by

Rafael Bracho

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Have you considered Medical Tourism before?

There are millions of American expats abroad, many of them are relishing the travels and adventures. However, one can never be too careful. Find out why thousands of expats are researching medical tourism. If you have wondered if medical tourism insurance was right for your particular needs, this article can help.

What is Medical Tourism?

The short answer is that medical tourism refers to the growing trend of traveling to another country to have medical procedures done inexpensively. About 1.5 million Americans and Canadians travel abroad for all types of surgeries, not only because of the reduction in cost, but also because of the professional after-care, friendly culture, and beautiful beaches or scenic towns where patients can recuperate.

It is estimated that over 40 billion dollars a year is spent on overseas medical procedures. The treatments that are sought can be as simple as dental work and cosmetic surgery, to more complicated procedures such as orthopedic or heart work.

An entire industry has started to develop to accommodate ‘medical tourism’. Newly built, world-class hospitals with highly trained doctors create an almost relaxing holiday while recovering, while saving 40%-90% on costs compared to the United States and Canada. Everything from private rides from the airport, to lodging in 5-star hotel recovery stays, and top-notch follow-up care are provided by the hospitals and doctors. It’s no surprise that medical tourism in Mexico and other countries is estimated to continue growing 15% to 25% a year.

Do I need Medical Tourism Insurance?

All surgeries, no matter how minor, have inherent risks and carry the possibility of additional expenses. While surgeons and hospital staff take precautions to minimize the possibility of a complication, they can still happen. Because your procedure is self-paid, you are also required to cover any additional expenses out of pocket should a complication occur during, or after, the procedure. A unique Medical Tourism Insurance has been developed to specifically cover you for these expenses. Think of it as a policy if something goes wrong. The policy can cover the additional medical, hospital, and lodging expenses. Such a policy should be as important as having a passport.

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