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Why Expat Property & Casualty Insurance ?

If you own property at home or abroad, such as an automobile or a house, then you should probably consider getting it insured. There are a variety of property and casualty insurance options for expats that can protect you in case of damages to your property or to those of a third party. You just can’t afford the risk to your property and your financial wellbeing when you’re living in a foreign nation.

Auto Full Coverage

This comprehensive policy can protect your vehicle if it gets damaged or totaled. Our plans will also offer third party liability coverage in case any damages may occur to a third party’s person or property. Rest assured knowing that your car is protected from theft—and that your medical expenses are covered in the event of an accident! Also, benefit from our customer service features like legal assistance and roadside assistance

Auto Full Liability

This form of property and casualty insurance will cover you in case of damages to a third party in an automobile accident. It will cover any damages to their property and medical expenses should they require medical attention. You will also benefit from our customer service features like roadside assistance and legal assistance. In many countries, this form of car insurance is mandatory.

Home Owners Insurance

Being a homeowner is one of the greatest investments a person can make in their lifetime. You’ve invested time and effort in turning your property into a home, now you should protect it—and all its contents!—from damages that can arise due to fire, flooding, theft, or natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes. Don’t leave your future up to chance. Expat Insurance can help you have a coverage plan in place.


Find Answers In Some of Our Common Support Articles

Which countries can you offer P&C insurance for?

We are currently only offering P&C products for expats visiting in Mexico to start.
We do have providers that offer hurricane coverage, many of them require that you have storm shutters however. If you live very close to the water without these, it will be hard to get you coverage.
Yes, coverage for US or Canadian plated cars in Mexico is very easy to purchase
Yes, you do need a drivers license that is valid in the country you are getting coverage. Mexico does honor US and Candian licenses, just make sure they are not expired. If you need help getting a Mexican license, we recommend contacting soniadiaz.mx.
No, we are currently not offering coverage for rental cars.
If you have a US or Canadian plated car, then yes they are done through one of our US subsidiary's. If they are a Mexican plated than no, they will be issued through one of our Mexican partner agencies.

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