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I was surprised by the level of care and personal attention that WeExpats gave me, and they saved me a bundle on my health insurance!


Great staff and very helpful advice, and they quoted me half the price of the last guys I used!


The blogs are way more interesting than any geography class I've ever taken! Ive learned a ton from them (like why Asians do so love their face asks) and I know where to look when making travel decisions. Just an example, but if I ever go to Mexico, I know which town will greet me warmly, and which will steal my kidneys while shaking my hand. Looking forward to more blogs!


great deal of insurance, when traveling abroad either for vacation or long stay. the staff was super helpful at all times even in places and times where normal insurances don't reach.


WeExpats offers knowledgeable and excellent service. I no longer travel without insurance, and WeExpats fits the bill! Great company.


Best product for expats looking for insurance away from home. They have some great deals and the staff is always willing to help. Plus, they create some great content about foreign cultures and travelling.


A great resource for finding out about insurance as an expat. Very well-organized and a quite friendly staff.


Professional advice given promptly... saved me money. Very important to me as traveling on a budget. Kind and courteous, easy to deal with.


Heading to Vietnam for a holiday soon - very good staff with excellent working, local knowledge. Would happily recommend :-)


I know from experience that WeExpats will go to bat for you. While health care is inexpensive in Mexico, having insurance with Aldis gives me peace of mind.


Very insightful. Being an expat since 1984, it's always good to find like minded people trying to help the community. Interesting and informative articles. Highly recommended.


I learned so much about health insurance from WeExpats' last seminar. These guys went above and beyond to explain to me the ins and outs of wxpat insurance. Amazing service! Thankyou


I have been looking for an insurance plan that actually pays out claims and it appears they are hard to come by. Justin explained to me the benefit of using a large broker like WeExpats and how they will help represent you to fight for your claims. So far their claims team has been wonderful, contacting hospitals directly and filing claims the right way so that they get approved.


It is such a comfort to know this insurance coverage is out there, and how it interacts with my current coverage. I canʻt imagine travelling without this peace of mind!

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