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Why Expat Homeowners & Rental Insurance ?

Expat Insurance is ideal for homeowners and rental insurance. We respond to quotes within 24 hours, our online portal is efficient for issuing policy and payment, and our guarantee for personal attention makes us stand out.


Natural Disaster Coverage

We offer our clients packages that include all the major causes of damage, such as hurricane coverage for beachfront properties, earthquake damage, tsunami, flood, mudslide, volcanic, and hydro-meteorological coverage—and all our coverage plans meet United States standards of quality.

Protect Your Building and Contents

Whether you’re a homeowner or renting, our plans offer coverage for all your possessions at a budget to fit your needs. Also, homeowners can rest assured with our plans that can cover any facet of the building and even loss of rent.

Family Liability and Theft Coverage

Our comprehensive plans cover family liability, landlord and tenant liability, sports liability, pet liability, third party property damage, and equipment liability. You won’t have to worry about theft or family liability ever again.


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