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Why Expat Life Insurance ?

Life insurance policies are a staple for planning the future of your family. Make sure that if something happens to you, there is a plan in place to make sure your family and estate are well taken care of.

Designed For Expats

Does your life insurance policy follow you after you move abroad? Most people don’t consider that moving to a new region with different risks can cause life insurance claims to get denied. Get a policy today that is designed for expats living in a foreign country.

Reputable Companies

We only work with life insurance carriers that are reinsured and have an extensive set of assets to make sure that they’re financially solvent when it comes to a claim.

Competitive Premiums

We have a variety of carriers that are able to offer you competitive term rates and whole life insurance rates to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.


Find Answers In Some of Our Common Support Articles

Is death from Covid19 covered?

It is important to review each companies position and policy on Covid19 and Pandemic coverage. Most companies are requiring an additional supplement form to review your exposure and risk for Covid19. Some companies have a waiting period of 6 months after purchasing the policy before a death will be covered from Covid19. It is important to review the latest terms and conditions from the insurance company you are considering and how it relates to your specific situation.
Each company has a schedule for underwriting requirements that is based on where you are seeking coverage, your age, and the amount of death benefit and type of insurance you requested. Some companies for smaller death benefit amounts and younger clients simply require an application to be completed,, for larger death benefit amounts and for older clients, various medical exams or tests will be required. If you have had a prior health event, the company may request to see the medical records to evaluate the risk.
Each company has a hazardous sports questionnaire and has policies depending on how you answer this form. The company will evaluate the risk and will let you know if you will be covered for death resulting in participating in the activity or if the policy will be issued with restrictions. It is important to complete the questioner accurately to let the company underwriter access the risk f.m you activity
In general yes, as long as it is not a restricted country ( like North Korea). Each company has a list of the restricted countries. Most life insurance carriers that specialize in expat life insurance have the flexibility to be covered in other countries and keep the policy in force or return to your home country. It is important to update your current address if you move.
Yes. There are numerous ways a policy can be owned and beneficiary options.
Most of the companies have a grace period after the premium is due to pay. This varies by company. In general, this is 30 to 90 days after the premiums are due.
Policies can be written to be paid in US dolllars, Euros or Pounds.
The companies will cover death from most common illnesses and accidents. Upon notice of a death claim, the company will review the original application, investigate the details and circumstances, and as long as the death occurred within the covered terms and conditions outlined in the policy, pay the death claim to the beneficiary. Problems can arise if the applicant did not complete the applications accurately, misrepresented facts or if fraud was involved. It is important to complete the application accurately.
The companies will pay the gross death benefit and in general, will not subtract taxes. Each individual's countries tax authority treats death benefits differently and also depends on the beneficiary, ownership and location of death. It is important to review this with your tax advisor and/or your financial planner to discuss your specific situation and the rules and laws in the location you are residing as an ex-pat.
Yes, a beneficiary can be changed in the future simply by completing the companies change of beneficiary form.
The insurance companies use a variety of factors to access risk such as, education, location, marital status, health and income.
Contact our office. We will assist with the claim and paperwork, contact us as soon as possible.
An employer-based life insurance plan depends on you working. If you leave the employer or can not work anymore, this insurance might be terminated right when you might need the most protection. A policy that you own individually, allows you to make decisions and continue the policy regardless if you are working for your current employer.
No, most of our insurance carriers can accept an application online and sign the application digitally.
Many applications that require little or no underwriting can be issued in about 5 to 10 business days. An application that requires a health exam or medical records will take longer.
The company will provide several options in your country of residence.
Each company underwriting team will review your application and determine what type of risk they see you as. The company can decline coverage, request additional premiums to compensate for assuming the risk or restrict or limit the policy benefits. You will always have an opportunity to review and decide to accept the insurance company offer.
Yes, here are some restricted countries. xxxxxxx
Life Insurance providers can accept most major credit and debit cards or bank wires. Monthly, quarterly, semi annual or annual payments are accepted.

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