Expat Insurance LLC

An International Insurance Brokerage


+1 (800) 577-4308

Mexico Phone

+52 442 477 8312




+1 435 714 7411

Principle Founder

Justin Barsketis

Principle Address

Expat Insurance LLC
50 West Broadway, Suite 300
Salt Lake City, UT, 84101

Agency License

Expat Insurance LLC
Utah Resident Producer Organization Accident and Health or Sickness, Life, Property and Casualty
No. 674220
Utah, United States

How do we use your data?

To keep it short and to the point, we won’t sell or share your personal information in any way that doesn’t help us provide a brokerage service for our insurance products.

We use the latest security practices and two-factor authentication on all of our employee accounts to keep your information safe. If at any point you want your information deleted, feel free to email us at the email above.

Legal Notices

Please send any legal notices or request via fax, or by mail to the principle address.

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