This seminar will do a deep dive into common options expats and travelers use abroad to protect their health and assets.

We will take a look at:

  • How government plans like Medicare or Provincial plans are affected by international travel.
  • Travel and Evacuation insurance options, the pros and cons.
  • The most common long and short term insurance strategies we see our clients utilize.
  • Typical hospital experiences and cost for international care.
  • and more...

Aldis Barsketis

Senior Broker

Aldis is an experienced broker with over 35 years of insurance sales. With decades of experience being an expat, he can help clients worldwide better plan their futures against disaster.

Types of Plans

Insurance is complex, living in a foreign country is complex, when the two are combined it can result in a overwhelming experience. Let us break down the basics for you to help you make an educated decision.

Insurance Terms

Confused by the jargon? Our guide lays out the hard to understand aspects of insurance in a comprehensible format.

Tips When Buying Insurance

A step by step approach to buying insurance right.