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BMI Building 8950 SW 74th Ct., Miami, FL, 33156, USA


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BMI is one of our most preferred provider for expats residing in Latin America. BMI has consistently provided clients with exceptional service and products for decades to become one of our most trusted partners.


BMI offers truly global coverage with minimal limitations of eligibility

Travel (travel)

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This is a travel policy for clients that are mulling with the idea of living abroad, or just starting their expat journey. It can be purchased in minutes, with no medical exams, and it will provide coverage for emergencies and evacuations. You can optionally put a deposit down on any of the plans below while you go through the application process to automatically activate this $50,000 in medical coverage without any additional cost. If you don't move forward with the policy, only the travel policy cost will be deducted and the rest of your deposit will be refunded. Meaning, if you do move into a long term plan after arriving, this benefit is free of cost.

Series 3000 (health)

This plan is a truly unlimited benefits plan, any hospital in the world including all hospitals in the US. There are no networks to consider or consideration needed to compare plans. This will be one of the best policies you can find.

Azure (health)

This plan is our go-to for people that are living in the US part time, but also abroad. Their strong US network includes hospitals like MD Anderson Cancer Clinic, Mayo Clinics, and more. The limits are high enough that you would rarely ever hit them, regardless of where you are in the world. This is the plan that many of our company's executives personally use.

Meridian (health)

This plan is a high benefit plan with a very strong network and amazing benefits.

Ideal (health)

This is a strong global policy that allows you to travel to world class institutions like MD Anderson in case you develop cancer, or the Mayo Clinics for comprehensive treatment plans. It also includes unique travel benefits like deductible waivers and lost luggage for clients that are truly global.

Mediprotect (health)

We often hear from clients that they want basic hospital coverage without all the bells and whistles, like they would probably go back to their home country for hospital care. This plan is a modular plan that allows you to add on unique benefits designed specifically for expats.

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