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The Expat Code

All of our agents and staff are expected to adhere to an ethical code of conduct when dealing with our clients. Our primary goal is to protect you. At Expat Insurance, we work as independent insurance brokers, which means we are agents for our clients, and we provide our clients with good faith, trust, and loyalty when performing our duties.

Ethical Standards Provided

You Have the Right to Experienced and Professional Service

We will work with each client to determine their unique needs with the intent to provide policies that will benefit their individual situation. We will only advise on products that we’re familiar with. In cases where we don’t feel qualified, we’ll direct you to another broker who can better assist you.

Right to Honesty and Trust

We will work to have full, honest conversations with clients to answer any questions they may have. We will also openly explain the benefits and limitations of each product that is presented in order to help you make the best decision.

The Right to Privacy

We will keep each client’s information confidential and follow strict security practices. We’ll only use your sensitive information for the purposes of providing our services to the client.

Our agents will avoid:


Replacing insurance coverage for a client when misrepresenting the new insurer to get a sale.


Like twisting above, churning is replacing a product with the same insurer based on misrepresentations.


This is when an agent fails to fully disclose all of the information about a policy before the insurance transaction takes place.


Refunding a portion of the agent’s commission in order to entice a sale.

False Advertising

All advertisements will contain true statements about policy benefits for a client.


We will not spread false information about other parties.

Unfair Discrimination

All clients will be treated fairly regardless of their race, age, sexual orientation, political views, or any other factor.

If at any point you feel that we are not following any of these practices, feel contact our management team to try resolve the issue and help us improve.


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