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Why Expat Travel Insurance ?

When you’re traveling in a foreign country, don’t go without a policy that at least covers an emergency. Not all countries will treat you without paying a large deposit upfront, and you may end up being treated in a low-quality public hospital. This is a nightmare scenario that can be avoided for only a few dollars a day.

Medical Coverage

Travel insurance is designed to cover you for unforeseen emergencies and illnesses abroad. Some plans also have minor coverage for a sudden onset of a preexisting condition.

Travel Protection

Vacations are expensive. A canceled flight or unforeseen event can ruin your trip and cost a small fortune. Make sure you’re protected and your trip is hassle-free

Unique Benefits

We have a wide variety of travel insurance carriers to offer you unique coverage for things like adventure sports riders, device or photo equipment coverage, emergency vet care, and more.


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Does travel insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Yes and no, mostly no. Many travel insurance policies state they cover pre-existing conditions but if you read the fine print it is for “acute onset” of a pre-existing condition. This means that if you have a sudden and unexpected condition developed on your trip due to an existing condition, they will some benefits as listed in the policy if treated immediately. If however, you have a condition that is degenerative, or had symptoms leading up to coverage starting, you most likely will not have any cover
Chances are yes, we can. We are brokers for many of the top travel carriers and have a wide variety of policies available.
Yes, we have a carriers that will cover the corona-virus as long as you show no symptoms of the virus before starting coverage.
Yes, a few of our carriers allow you to start a policy once your already abroad, as long as you maintain your residency back in your home country.
Yes, we do have carriers that will cover you while visiting your home country as long as you have a legal residency in a foreign country. This includes US citizens.
Most travel claims are paid on a reimbursement process, unless they are very large. You will work closely with our team to find out the claims process and documents required for claims. For more serious emergencies insurers work to set up direct pay arrangements with the hospital, with many sending something called a Guarantee of Payment. Generally speaking, the larger and more established an insurer is, the more expansive their global direct pay networks are.

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