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Please note, we are an independent brokerage that sells policies for the provider. We are not the insurance provider, meaning that if you did not buy your policy through us, we are unable to help you with your support requests. These articles are only designed for our agency clients and are based on our own experience dealing with the insurance provider. If you are not our client, please follow instructions from your own broker and not us. These articles are subject to change at any time and our clients should contact us directly before attempting any contact with the insurance provider to ensure everything is done properly.

How to get help from the Expat Insurance brokerage

What to do in an emergency with Cigna

How to apply for a Cigna policy

How to manage your Cigna policy online

How to contact Cigna

How to precertify a medical event with Cigna

How to file a Cigna claim

How to renew or change your Cigna policy

How to transfer your Cigna policy to a new broker

How to dispute a Cigna health claim or ruling



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