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A Guide to Mexican Airlines

Written by

Rafael Bracho

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A Guide to Mexican Airlines

Ranking The Best Airlines in Mexico



A Guide to Mexican Airlines

Mexican Airlines are a mixed bunch. Some can rival the best airlines in Europe; others are shameful in the way they treat their clients. In this article, Expat Insurance hopes to help you make sense of some of the major airlines, so you can avoid the terrible experiences.

Here’s a guide to ranking the best—and worst—airlines in Mexico.


5 – Viva Aerobus

A Guide to Mexican Airlines


Viva Aerobus is known throughout Mexico as being one of the worst airlines. They often overbook their flights, and their flights are constantly delayed. They seduce you with low prices, and then they charge you for everything—and any extra fee will be ridiculously expensive.

I needed to check my flight the day of a flight once, and the cost of checking in the bag was half the price of the flight itself. If you have to fly Viva Aerobus, make sure you just fly with carry-on. (One of our employees swears by not paying the baggage fees, saying that if you just use the online check-in, they never check to see if you paid the extra for baggage. Personally, I’ve never tried it.)

Furthermore, it should be noted that their service is deplorable. They treat their passengers like cattle—and I’m not the only person to have made this comparison. Viva Aerobus is almost shockingly rude.


4 – Volaris

A Guide to Mexican Airlines


In many respects, Volaris shares in the same problems as Viva Aerobus. This discount budget airline also tempts you with low prices, then charges you an arm and a leg for any additional cost.

Also, Volaris has a nightmarish situation whenever you need to check in bags. The lines are long, the confirmation code sometimes doesn’t work, and there are never enough people around to help you in this situation.

However, when it comes to discount airlines, I would recommend Volaris many times over Viva Aerobus. The people simply treat you with respect. You aren’t just another cow being ushered from one place to another. The staff is courteous and helpful.


3 – AeroMar

A Guide to Mexican Airlines


AeroMar is a small airline that runs flights through southern Mexico. The flights are affordable, and they run to hard-to-reach destinations like Puerto Escondido and the beaches in Chiapas. The planes feel like chartered planes, but they are comfortable. Furthemore, the staff is friendly and welcoming. Overall, I would recommend flying AeroMar to anyone.


2 – Calafia

A Guide to Mexican Airlines


Calafia is a great airline. With friendly staff, many locations, and a multitude of amenities, Calafia is a great choice for flying. It offers three different packages, each of these include free bags (how many depends on the package that you buy), free snacks and beverages, and you can even pick your seat for free.

Overall, Calafia is a solid option for those who are looking to travel throughout Mexico.


1 – AeroMexico

A Guide to Mexican Airlines


AeroMexico is hands-down the best airline in Mexico. It offers stellar service and the staff are courteous and professional, and there are several people hanging around waiting to answer questions. In addition, it has many locations, not only throughout Mexico, but around the world.

The website is easy to navigate. The flights include amenities such as seat choosing and free drinks. Lastly, when you’re flying through Mexico City, AeroMexico leaves out of Terminal 2 airport which is far newer and nicer than Terminal 1 (which holds almost all other airlines).

The only downside is that AeroMexico charges premium prices for their premium service. Tickets can be far more expensive than their budget airline counterparts. However, ultimately, it may be worth it to just pay the added cost if you’re able. In the end, AeroMexico has proven itself to be reliable.



A Guide to Mexican Airlines

No matter which airline you choose, one thing is for sure: Mexico is worth exploring. If you have to suffer through Viva Aerobus to get to your destination, in the end, you’ll still have a great time when you get there.

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