Wednesday, July 3rd 2019

The Best Places in Mexico To Do Stuff

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Rafael Bracho

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Best Places in Mexico to Party

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The Best Places in Mexico To Do Stuff

The internet is full of articles ranking different aspects of Mexico. Maybe these articles are about the best beaches in Mexico, the best cities for nightlife, the best strips for shopping, or the best pueblos for culture. These articles are often written by content creators who have never visited Mexico—and even fewer are written by expats in Mexico like you and me. 

At WeExpats, we try and avoid these trivial ranking articles as much as we can. We often share them and poke fun at them between ourselves. However, we thought it was time to write our own article on the best places in Mexico to do all kinds of things, so here it goes. 

These are WeExpats’ Best Places in Mexico to do stuff:

  1. Best Places in Mexico to Party: 

If you’re looking to move to a fun party town, there are lots of options. You could move to Playa del Carmen and enjoy the Calle 12 Norte scene or you might like the hippie-surfer vibes of Zipolite and Mazunte—or Sayulita farther north. You might enjoy the rowdy barbecues in Chihuahua, the speakeasies of Queretaro, or the trendy hipster scene in Cholula. The simple fact is that you have to travel through Mexico to discover what is right for you. If you are thinking of becoming an expat, you need to go around and visit Mexico first to see if it’s right for you and discover where you would like to live.

Best places in Mexico for culture

  1. Best Places in Mexico for Culture: 

This one is especially a joke. Mexico exudes culture through its every pore. To think that one place could top another is preposterous. What you can do is gravitate to your own style. I met a British girl once that fell in love with the city of Monterrey. After 12 years, she had the typical northern twang and a taste for cabrito. You never know what will attract you and challenge you to better yourself. 

You might fall in love with the ancient roots still found in Oaxaca City, or might adore the colonial architecture in Taxco de Alarcon. You could like the deep Mayan spirituality of The Riviera Maya, the charming pueblo life of San Cristobal de Las Casas, or the melting pot that is the history, music, and food of Veracruz. Or you might like the vaquero lifestyle, watching charrería while wearing botas picudas. The point is you’re not going to know until you decide to visit there whether or not you’re going to love it.

Best places in Mexico for food

  1. Best Places in Mexico for Food: 

This is like asking, which is the best cloud to sit on in heaven. Picking a favorite may be possible, but it’s hard to only like one. There are some Mexican moles that are more complex than any of the most intricate sauces in Europe. You might love the cecina de Yecapixtla or the tacos de arrachera of the north. The itacates of Tepoztlan might be your style, or the fish tacos in Baja California Sur, or the cochinita pibil in Yucatan. Maybe you’ll love the cheap lobster in Puerto Nuevo, or the tlayudas con quesillo in Puerto Escondido. You’re not going to know until you try them. 

Best Places in Mexico for Music

  1. Best Places in Mexico for Music:

This one is laughable. Mexico is a melting pot of influences, from Spain and other European nations, the United States, and all the wealth of culture that the indigenous tribes of Mexico have contributed to this great land. For example, it might surprise you that Mexico’s northern music banda is descended from polka brought in by European immigrants. You might like the jazz clubs of Puebla, or the hard rock scene in Santiago de Queretaro. You might find the cumbia in Chiapas or the salsa in Campeche. You might even be looking for the underground rave scene in Mexico City. Either way, you’re going to have to decide for yourself.

Best Places in Mexico for Lifestyle

  1. Best Places in Mexico for Lifestyle: 

This is another load of hooey. It all depends on your particular vision for what you want your life to be like. You might like the small-town life of San Miguel de Allende or the forward-looking city life of Guadalajara. You might enjoy Mexico’s hidden gems like Troncones and Holbox, or you might want a to be a bit closer to civilization like in Isla Mujeres—or maybe just closer to home like in Tijuana. You might love the safety of Merida or you might love the attractions in Mexico City, you won’t know until you get out there and explore it all. Travel before you decide to live in a place because an online blog tells you what is right for you. 

Best Places in Mexico – A Conclusion: 

In the end, it depends on who you are that decides for you what are the best places in Mexico. Maybe you’re looking for the deep cultural roots or all the modern amenities of a big city. It could depend on your age, your financial status, your vision for what you want your life to be like. All of us at WeExpats encourage you to get out there, and travel Mexico!

*To learn some tips to travel Mexico safely, we recommend our comprehensive guide to Safety in Mexico. Click here to learn more. 

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