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Finding A Nanny in Mexico

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Rafael Bracho

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Finding A Nanny in Mexico

One of the best things about being in Mexico is the cost of living. The low prices raise your quality of life—which frees up funds to make your life easier. And believe me when I say, lowering your stress levels will increase your overall mental health and outlook on life.

Making the leap to living in Mexico with your children can be a scary one, but many expats think that parenting in Mexico has wonderful benefits for your children’s lives. One of the main reasons for this is that in Mexico, you can actually afford a nanny.


In this article, we’ll cover things to look for when you’re finding a nanny in Mexico, different websites for finding an au pair in Mexico, and the ways that locals go about finding a nanny in Mexico.

Why Would I Want a Nanny in Mexico

Finding A Nanny in Mexico

Having an au pair in Mexico is surprisingly affordable. You can find people who will solely care for your children, or you can find workers who will cook, clean, and care for your children—for less money than you might expect.

Your child will always have someone there—even if they’re the only child. You can have free time to pursue your interests or business ventures. You’ll have someone to babysit on date nights and party nights which will improve your relationships with others. And most importantly, you won’t be stuck doing everything yourself.


Things to Look For in a Nanny

Finding A Nanny in Mexico

There are a lot of things to look for in a nanny—and some may be more important to you than others. Here are some common qualifications that people look for when they’re picking a nanny:

  • Experience working with children of all ages
  • References from previous employers
  • First Aid and CPR certification
  • Fluency in English and/or Spanish
  • *For a short video about one expat’s journey to find a nanny in Merida, click here.

Downsides and Benefits to Hiring a Professional Nanny

Finding A Nanny in Mexico

If you’re looking for a nanny as the locals do, then it might be hard to find a nanny with CPR certification or fluency in English. But the price of your nanny will likely reflect those skills. That certified-and-English-fluent au pair—who has raised children of all ages—could charge American prices, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars each year, depending on how often you hire them.

However, you might get better services for your money if you go with a local you trust rather than a professional au pair. Your Mexican nanny may be willing to cook and clean for you. They’ll know about resources like local events and community services that’ll be free of charge and also fun for your child.


It’s likely that your local nanny will have a less-strict approach to raising children if you get a local nanny instead of a professional au pair. They may stuff your kids full of Mexican candy and junk food—just as they would their own child. That said, some careful interviewing could assuage many of your concerns.

How Locals Find a Nanny in Mexico

Finding A Nanny in Mexico

The main way that locals find a nanny is through word of mouth. If your child is in school, fellow parents or teachers may be able to recommend a nanny. Friends may be able to recommend a nanny that cared for their children and then grew up.

However, many expats who don’t know locals have had great success in finding a nanny through the White Pages.

*For more information about the Mexican White Pages, click here.


Finding a Nanny Near You

There are nanny agencies (agencias de niñera) that will have nannies for you to interview. There can also be public boards at local community centers that may be worth exploring. You can also try posting an ad online to find a local nanny.

Finding a Part-Time Nanny Near You

Childcare centers, daycare centers, and even some local schools are a great place to start looking for a part-time nanny in your area.

Websites for Finding a Nanny in Mexico

Finding A Nanny in Mexico

There are some sites that you can use to find nannies online. In these websites, you can learn about their English qualifications, their certifications, and even a little bit about them. It’s a great starting point in your search for finding a nanny in Mexico.

Here’s a list of some examples:








Finding a Nanny in Mexico

Finding a nanny is a challenge, and it usually takes a few tries before you find a nanny that works with your particular needs. You might have some issues finding an au pair that works with your family’s style, but you won’t regret the decision once you have that help.

Ultimately, having the flexibility of a nanny in Mexico is a great treat when you’re living in a developing country like Mexico. Many people in developed countries can’t afford to have part-time help—let alone a live-in nanny. It’s just another reason why living in Mexico improves your quality of life.

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