Thursday, July 15th 2021

Guide to San Miguel de Allende - Part Three

Written by

Rafael Bracho

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Part III - Guide to San Miguel de Allende

Expat and Nomad Guide to San Miguel de Allende

Neighborhoods in San Miguel:

San Miguel has a lot of trendy neighborhoods to explore, and you’re sure to find one that fits your personality.

– El Centro –

El Centro is the main attraction in San Miguel de Allende. It’s not only the architecture that draws tourists. With tons of restaurants, shops, and galleries to explore, you will have a blast in El Centro.

– San Antonio –

This up-and-coming neighborhood in San Miguel de Allende has been gaining notoriety with its trendy cafes and hole-in-the-wall restaurants. You’ll find the prices are a lot lower than in El Centro, but you’ll still find a lot of fun people to meet.

– Guadalupe –

Guadalupe is typified as an artsy district which is made apparent by the multitude of murals adorning the walls of this neighborhood. Still gentrifying, this area is a great place to settle if you’re looking to mingle with locals while still being very close to all the fun locales in San Miguel de Allende.

– Balcones –

This residential neighborhood is perched on a hillside with balconies that have stunning views overlooking San Miguel de Allende. A quiet area, the colonial architecture draws many expats to permanent and semi-permanent residency in this area.

– Ojo de Agua –

Ojo de Agua is often described as the Beverly Hills of San Miguel de Allende. Characterized by having large, hacienda-style homes, this private, exclusive neighborhood features idyllic vistas.

– Atascadero –

This residential community is an ideal neighborhood for setting up roots. The homes offer much more modern amenities because the area was developed 60 years ago. There are no commercial establishments, but it’s only a short walk from the city centro.

– El Paraíso –

This is one of San Miguel’s newest developments. Only seven years old, all the construction in this area ditches the colonial feel in favor of a modern architectural style. Though, not far from the centro, it’s still about a 30-minute walk to get to the Jardín, so you might find yourself taking a few more taxis than in other neighborhoods.

*To learn more about each neighborhood, Greg Gunter’s YouTube channel has some great short videos about each area. Click here to scroll through their videos.

Best Coworking Spaces in San Miguel

One thing to note about San Miguel de Allende’s coworking spaces, is that the top-ranking locations are not in the centro. This is likely because rental prices in the heart of the city are so high.

– Smartspace Hub –

Located in La Lejona (one of San Miguel’s farther neighborhoods), this coworking space may not be the best option for those who suffer from a lack of mobility. Nevertheless, it has good reviews.

**To view Smartspace Hub’s website, click here. *

*To find Smartspace Hub on Google Maps, click here. After you do that, you can read Google reviews if you click on “reviews” right below the name.

– Coworking en San Miguel de Allende –

Located near the trendy neighborhood of San Antonio, Coworking en San Miguel de Allende is a viable option for coworking.

**To view Coworking en San Miguel de Allende’s website, click here. *

*To find Coworking en San Miguel de Allende on Google Maps, click here. It has no Google reviews.

– WeCreate –

WeCreate is the coworking space that is closest to downtown. This space is only a few short streets away from el centro.

*WeCreate has no website to view on Google.

*To find WeCreate on Google Maps, click here. WeCreate has no reviews on Google.

Rental Prices in San Miguel

Rental prices in San Miguel fluctuate from neighborhood to neighborhood, but you can find some relatively inexpensive homes, and then if you’re capable, you can also find some stunning homes as well.

On Airbnb, you can find a one-bedroom house or apartment ranging $600 USD to $1,000 USD (with a few residences available for even cheaper, like $450 USD). If you’re trying to find something less expensive, then we recommend that you click here to read our article on how to rent a home in San Miguel.

Once again, if you’re interested in a multi-bedroom home with a spectacular yard and a stunning view, then you can expect to pay over a thousand dollars depending on the neighborhood.

Safety in San Miguel

It’s no secret that San Miguel has been voted one of the best places to live in the world. Safety is a huge factor in this. There are some parts of the city that attract a less-reputable crowd, but for the most part, San Miguel de Allende is a safe city.

There have been incidents in recent years that would make San Miguel seem less safe than it is, however, for the most part, if you stick to the more gentrified areas in the city, then you have nothing to worry about. The worst you can expect is petty theft.

Having a garage or some form of secured parking is a must if you are coming to San Miguel with a car. This can realistically include living inside a gated community if you do not have a garage.

Remember, don’t answer the door for anyone you don’t know personally. Always go with a trusted company for any sort of service that requires that someone enter your home. And finally, perhaps the most important rule, DON’T FLAUNT YOUR WEALTH!

*For an in-depth guide to Safety in Mexico, click here.

Time Zone in San Miguel:

San Miguel de Allende is located in the Central Time Zone. Mexico’s daylight savings is a few weeks after the United States’ daylight savings, so for a few weeks a year, San Miguel is on Mountain

Connectivity in San Miguel:

San Miguel is one of the best places to be a digital nomad in Mexico. For the last several years, fiber optic cable has been laid beneath the city, and most neighborhoods with thriving expat communities have lightning-fast internet connections.

*To view the average connectivity for the top three internet service providers, click here.

Cost of Living in San Miguel:

San Miguel is one of the most expensive places in Mexico. The prices are on a whole with some of the nicest neighborhoods in Mexico City like Polanco. San Miguel de Allende boasts a solid foodie scene with some terrific establishments—and if you’re coming from a more developed country, then you’ll still remark at how affordable the city is. $10 USD to $20 USD can generally cover a decent meal with a couple of drinks.

However, that said, San Miguel de Allende is still Mexico. If you’re looking to live inexpensively, there are several ways to do it. You can buy fresh produce at the markets or specialty shops like butcher shops and fruterías (which sell fruits and vegetables). Even vendors from outlying farms often sell their locally sourced wares like honey or Oaxaca cheese on the streets at incredible prices, and the quality is unparalleled.

Street food is a great way to sample the local cuisine on a budget. Late night tacos are a must, and in San Miguel at least, you can pretty much trust that the food won’t get you sick.

Visas in San Miguel:

Getting a visa is simple in San Miguel. If you arrive at the airport, then you will get an FMM tourist visa valid for 6 months.

If you are a temporary resident and you need to renew your visa, you can reach out to the American Consulate in San Miguel de Allende for information on how to renew your visa.

**To locate the American consulate in San Miguel de Allende on Google Maps, click here. *

*To call them from Mexico, dial: +52 844 528 6611

*To call them from the United States, dial: 1 (844) 528 - 6611

*For any questions or help taking care of the paperwork for any visa extensions, we recommend Sonia Diaz. To view her website, click here.

To see Part One of our Guide to San Miguel and learn the history, climate, and how to get there, click here.

To see Part Two of our Guide to San Miguel and learn where are the best places to eat and go out, click here.

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