Wednesday, August 7th 2019

How to Dial in Mexico

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Rafael Bracho

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Changes to how to dial in Mexico

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How to Dial in Mexico

How to Dial in Mexico – Things Are Changing: 

If you have ever dialed a phone in Mexico, then you likely recall that it was a horrifying experience filled with odd, jumbled, nonsensical digits—especially if you live in Mexico City. Dialing a Mexican phone to the United States can sometimes be as complicated. Well, all that has recently changed. The Mexican government has changed the way that Mexico dials internally and also the way it dials out to other countries like the United States. So WeExpats decided to write an article on how to dial in Mexico. 

How to Dial in Mexico – Why the Change:

On August 3rd, 2019, the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) rolled out their changes to how to dial in Mexico. Before the system was too convoluted, with prefixes that only worked in certain regions or in certain conditions. Now the numbers that are dialed in Mexico will be the same—even if you are dialing in Mexico from a cellphone or a landline. All numbers will be like in the United States, with 10 digits. All other prefixes are eliminated

According to the IFT, these measures guaranteeing uniform dialing throughout the entire nation and abroad will ensure that Telecommunications Service Providers will simplify their electronic procedures, standardize all dialing procedures, ensure that anyone can contact services regardless where they live in Mexico, and make the management of numerical resources more efficient. In addition, these changes to how to dial in Mexico will make the administration of signaling resources more efficient. 

How to Dial in Mexico – No More Prefixes: 

If you dial often throughout Mexico or to the United States, then hearing that you will no longer be using prefixes when dialing in Mexico might seem like it’s your birthday. It’s true. The following prefixes will be removed from Mexican phones:

  • 01 – Used to dial non-geographic numbers and national long-distance calls; also used in international long distance calls to mobile phones under “calling party pays”
  • 044 – Used to dial national mobile phones in the “calling party pays” mode
  • 045 – Used to dial national long-distance from a landline to a cellphone 

*As some are reporting, it is unclear how removing the prefixes will affect the “calling party pays” mode.

How to Dial in Mexico – Dialing in Mexico: 

However fascinated you might be with this background information, you might still be wondering: Can you show me how to dial in Mexico? Absolutely, here are some examples with some common area codes. 

*Remember that the following examples use area codes which are likely different from the ones that you will be dialing. 

Dialing in Mexico City from a Landline to a Cellphone: 

  • Before you would dial: 044 55 #### ####
  • Now you dial: 55 #### ####

Dialing in Mexico from a Landline to a Cellphone (Not Mexico City): 

  • Before you would dial: 045 777 ### ####
  • Now you dial: 777 ### ####

Dialing in Mexico from a Cellphone to a Mexican Landline: 

  • Before you would dial: 01 415 ### ####
  • Now you dial: 415 ### ####

Dialing Mexico from Another Country (such as the United States): 

  • Before you would dial: +52 1 984 ### ####
  • Now you dial: +52 984 ### ####

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