Saturday, October 4th 2014

How we get mail here in Mexico

Written by

Rafael Bracho

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American Mail in Mexico

There are many reasons why someone might need to get American mail in Mexico. WeExpats in particular requires marketing materials, statements, brochures, and policies. These all require the ability to send and receive American mail in San Miguel de Allende. Receiving American mail in Mexico used to be a hassle with lost packages and the like, however now there are practical solutions.

Perhaps it is something more particular to your daily routine, like you enjoy reading your daily print edition of the Wall Street Journal. Or maybe you’re very tall or large, and you are need clothes that will fit—brick and mortar shops for big and tall people are a rarity.


To solve this need, two entrepreneurs started a brilliant mail forwarding service: La Conexion and Solutions. WeExpats uses La Conexion. They have small post-office-type kiosk spread all over San Miguel de Allende. One signs up at a location closest to where you live. The cost is about $22.00usd a month. You will receive a box number and a mailing address in Laredo, Texas. Each day, your mail is received and collected together in Laredo, and then you receive American mail in San Miguel de Allende about 2 to 3 days later.


Packages are a different deal. The company charges a flat rate of 17% of the value and $1 a pound for shipping—however, books are exempt from the 17% flat rate fee. The process requires a bit of work. Say you order a shipment from some popular clothing brand. You just have to forward a receipt to your La Conexion location. When La Conexion receives the package, you get a notice. Then, you pay the fee and get your American mail in San Miguel de Allende. It can take a while seeing as how packages are driven in by truck—often around 5 business days. Nevertheless, this service is a life saver. WeExpats has had Samsung send replacement power cords, ordered cordless phones, delivered big and tall clothing, sent school textbooks from Amazon, and even replacement credit cards from Chase! The service works phenomenally.


Additionally, you can mail letters to the United States through this service. Simply drop it off and your letter is then forwarded to their hub in Texas. This service costs about a dollar for a letter—however they do not accept packages sent to the United States.


There are still a few challenges using La Conexion. Receiving American medication in Mexico presents a challenge because La Conexion will not accept deliveries. Solutions (the other company for receiving American mail in Mexico) still does. If you require medication, perhaps another American forwarding service in Mexico is a better option for you. The other challenge is overnight delivery. Overnight delivery takes a few days using these companies.


Though notoriously unreliable, we have heard that the Mexican post has dramatically improved recently. Telmex bills and our water bill are often received in a timely manner. Here in San Miguel de Allende, coreo motorcycles can be seen around town dropping off deliveries. The Mexican post office is right off the Jardín—or the center of San Miguel. Some expats have gotten a PO Box there. WeExpats recommends that you use this at your own risk.

One new service that has sprung up for expats is a virtual mailbox. Your mail is sent to an American location, and then the letter is scanned. You then receive an email with the image. If you want them to open it, they will then do that and scan you the contents. If you want it forwarded, they will do that. One example of such a virtual mailbox is: Virtual Postmail. WeExpats has not used this service, however we have heard it is quite reliable.

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