Wednesday, October 2nd 2019

Mexican Granny Becomes A YouTube Star in Only One Month

Written by

Rafael Bracho

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Mexican Granny YouTube Star

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Mexican Granny Becomes A YouTube Star in Only One Month

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a YouTube star and raking in the dough with your own home videos, then you should closely study the work of Doña Ángela. This typical, sweet Mexican grandmother has taken the YouTube world by storm

Her channel, called De Mi Rancho a Tu Cocina (Spanish for “From My Ranch to Your Kitchen), has been gaining a fervent following without the flashy gimmicks that are typical of famous YouTubers—proving that content is still king in the world of going viral. 

And for those of you in the expat community, her content now comes with ENGLISH SUBTITLES, a recent addition that has been a gamechanger. Now you can learn to cook as authentic as possible.

*To view her channel, click here.  

In only one month, this Mexican grandmother has captured the hearts of almost one million people—a figure which is reflected by her statistics. In fact, Doña Ángela is just short of a million subscribers, and currently, her channel is #13 on YouTube’s Trending. 

Her channel has gained popularity because of her endearing demeanor, her rustic charm, and the fact that she is revealing some of the best-kept secrets in Mexican cuisine. Like the magician who reveals how the tricks are done, Doña Ángela seems to be showing the world the true secrets to Mexican cuisine—and she’s not keeping anything hidden.

Filmed on her ranch in Michaocán, she uses only the freshest ingredients that she often grows herself. You can watch her pluck and wash secret ingredients from the earth only feet from her comal where she cooks the food before your eyes, and clearly the viewers are appreciating her authentic style. 

With only 14 videos, she has amassed an ardent following, and it shows no signs of slowing. Her least successful video has 475,000 views, and her most successful video has 2.5 million views!

Mexican food

At the time of this article—only a month since her channel began—her video recipes and their views are as follows (in order of appearance):

*Click the links to watch the video.

1 – Tacos de Huitlacoche Guisado: 631,000 views

2 – Pollito Enchilado: 1,100,000 views

3 – Chicharron in Salsa Verde: 608,000 views

4 – Gorditas de Comal: 1,400,000 views

5 – Taquitos de Soya: 473,000 views

6 – Huevos con Chile Rojo: 2,500,000 views

7 – Calabasitas con Puerco: 1,000,000 views

8 – Picadillo Ranchero: 922,000 views

9 – Bistec con Nopales: 1,600,000 views

10 – Mole de Rancho: 1,900,000 views

11 – Arroz Rojo: 1,000,000 views 

12 – Quesadillas de Comal: 1,600,000 views

13 – Aporreadillo: 1,300,000 views

14 – Corundas Estilo Michoacan: 855,000 views (in only one day!)

It is refreshing seeing the heart of Mexico taking the YouTube world by storm. In the end, we can expect much more amazing cuisine—and the secrets of how to make them—from De Mi Rancho A Tu Cocina.

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