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Friday, January 18th 2019

How to Get Mexican Citizenship

In this article, we discuss why you might want to get Mexican citizenship. Then we explore several different methods for how to get your Mexican citizenship. We also cover whether or not you are eligible for dual citizenship. If you are interested in becoming a Mexican citizen, click here to learn more!

Wednesday, January 16th 2019

Medical Marijuana Legalized in Thailand

Medical Marijuana legislation was passed in Thailand, making it the first country in Southeast Asia to do so. In this article you will learn about the legislature, such as: who is allowed to use and produce marijuana. Discover the controversy concerning big pharmaceutical patents in Thailand. Click to learn more!

Tuesday, January 15th 2019

Why Are There So Many Cables in Thailand?

Why are there so many cables in Thailand? If you’ve ever been to Thailand, then surely you have seen the tangled electrical poles. This article seeks answers to these questions, as well as offers the current solutions put forward by the Thai government as to the tangled cables of Thailand. Click here to learn more!

Sunday, January 13th 2019

Retirement Visa Thailand: How to get a Thailand Retirement Visa

This comprehensive guide covers the restrictions and requirements for getting your Retirement Visa in Thailand. Learn about getting your Thai Retirement Visa by income, getting your Retirement Visa in Thailand by savings, or getting your Thailand Retirement Visa by marriage. Click here to learn more!

Thursday, January 10th 2019

Thai Culture: What Are Bad Manners in Thailand?

If you’re visiting Thailand, these helpful tips can ensure that you avoid uncomfortable situations. Discover what are bad manners in Thailand, as well as other important parts of Thai culture. Thai customs and Thai etiquette is complex, but with a bit of preparation, you’ll be accepted easily. Click here to learn more!

Tuesday, January 8th 2019

Why Is There A Gas Shortage in Mexico?

The gas shortage in Mexico has affected 9 states in Central Mexico, and the crisis continues. Find out the causes of the gas shortage in Mexico, as well as who is being affected. There are two sides to this story. Click here to learn more, and then you make the call. Let us know your experiences, please comment below!

Saturday, January 5th 2019

A Forgotten Side of Thailand: A History of the Patani Insurgence

The region of Patani in Southern Thailand has been plagued with fighting for centuries. In this article, we cover the history of the conflict between what is today Buddhist Thailand, and the southern region composed mostly of Malay Muslims. Since 2001, a savage insurrection has taken place. Click here to learn more!

Thursday, December 27th 2018

A Guide to Drinking Water in Chiang Mai

This guide explores many ways to find drinking water in Chiang Mai, such as: bottled water, bottled water delivery, water refill dispensers, and home purification systems in Chiang Mai. Click here to find out the perks and the downsides, whether they are eco-friendly, and the overall cost of fresh water in Chiang Mai.

Thursday, December 27th 2018

Is It Safe to Drink from Water Refill Dispensers in Thailand?

Water refill dispensers are everywhere in Thailand, offering fresh water at incredibly cheap prices. Click here to learn how a recent study found 40% were dispensing water that was unsafe. Have you ever gotten sick? Do you drink from water refill dispensers? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

Thursday, December 27th 2018

How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Passport Abroad or at Home

A lost or stolen US passport can be a big worry, whether you´re in the US, or abroad. If you have a lost or stolen US passport abroad, it is important to take care of this immediately. This article can help! Click here! If you are at home and traveling soon, click here for help expediting your passport delivery.

Thursday, December 27th 2018

How to Renew Your US Passport: Renewing a US Passport Abroad or at Home

Renewing your US passport can be a bureaucratic nightmare. For this reason, WeExpats put together a comprehensive guide to renewing your US passport abroad, or at home. Follow a step-by-step guide complete with all the forms to renew a US passport. Click here to learn more!

Wednesday, December 26th 2018

Secret Tips for Renewing Your US Passport

We did the research and uncovered secret tips of the trade that can save you money, protect you in case of an emergency, and make renewing your US passport more convenient. Click here to learn the inside scoop!


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