Monday, July 10th 2023

Expat Insurance Freelance Writing Contest

Written by

Rafael Bracho

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Welcome to our writing contest!

Your chance to win $500—and to potentially work remotely for us long term! Let us help fund your adventure abroad!

WeExpats Writing Contest

What is our contest?

This is a contest for freelance writers based around the world. We are looking for a blog post about topics that people outside their home country would be interested in. This is a broad topic and many ideas would be acceptable. This can be anything that you feel would be interesting. We would rather have an article that you are an expert on, than a catchy 7-tips-for-xxx article.

Write about something you are passionate about!

Our target market is expats living around the globe. There are many different people that fall into this category: permanent travelers, expatriate citizens, digital nomads, “snow birds”, temporary residents. . . etc. Anyone who is outside their home country for 6 months out of the year.

We do not target the short term travelers as much so keep that in mind.

Check out our blog for what kind of articles we post.


The winner will be given $500 USD by a payment method of their choice.

The last day for submissions is January 31st.

Why are we doing this?

The main reason is that we are looking for talented freelance writers to work for us remotely on a more consistent basis. Consider this a job interview with a chance for a prize!

We are not doing this to get free content. We will not post your content without your explicit permission. If you do not win and we want to use your post, we will negotiate with you over the price for it. So do not post the article before we can offer you money for it! As we will no longer be interested.


  • Must be 100% unique. Plagiarized content will be disqualified. If it has been posted on the internet before, we are not interested in it.
  • Like us on Facebook and tag one person on the contest post that maybe interested in the contest on our post: If you don’t use FB, use some other means to share with someone and send us proof. Link to post
  • You must be fluent in English—or at least write content like you are. If we find any spelling errors, you are unlikely to win.
  • Think about organization, we do not want one long block of text.
  • SEO-friendly (meta tag information included, your focus keywords, links, etc.). We understand not everything can be done in a text document, just note that we are SEO experts and highly value this skill. Here is a link for tips, https://blog.alexa.com/blog-seo-tips-writing-seo-friendly-posts/
  • Must contain at least 1 photo. Unique photos are best, but stock photos that are not copyrighted are fine. We use www.pexels.com if you are having trouble. Please submit Medium size photos, not too big or too small. If you use Pexels, select the “Medium download size (1280 x 853).”
  • Must be submitted by January 31st
  • Submissions must be emailed to Justin@WeExpats.com. We prefer using google docs / drive for things, but feel free to use whatever method you want. (However, if we cannot read it for some reason, or it is some obscure format, you are unlikely to win.)

How to get started?

  1. Fill out this simple form below to give us a notification of who is interested. We will send you a reminder a week before the contest closes in case you forget.
  2. Like our company page and tag one person on our contest post on Facebook 
  3. Submit your post to Justin@WeExpats.com before January 31st 2019.

Note, we are happy to help you with SEO research, or any feedback on a topic before you start writing. You have an option to leave your topic below, if you submit it we will send back good focus keywords for the article, top competing content related to it for research, and any advice our writers may have for the topic!

If later you want some help with the article, feel free to email Justin@WeExpats.com at anytime, we are happy to help where we can!

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