Tuesday, July 11th 2023

Expat Insurance Goes to the Digital Nomad Summit!

Written by

Rafael Bracho

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Digital Nomad Summit

Sergio Sala gives a talk on how to increase your social media presence at the Digital Nomad Summit.

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WeExpats Goes to the Digital Nomad Summit!

At WeExpats, we work our behinds off to make sure that your coverage is in place and everything is running smoothly. We are characterized by long hours—working both in and out of the office. So when our CEO offered us a trip to the Riviera Maya to see the Digital Nomad Summit, we all jumped at the chance! Therefore, we decided that it would be a good article to show WeExpats goes to the Digital Nomad Summit!

– What is the Digital Nomad Summit? –

The brainchild of Johnny FD—the founder of the Travel Like a Boss podcast and author of such books like Invest Like a Boss and Life Changes Quick—The Digital Nomad Summit is the largest gathering of digital nomads on the planet. For those of you who are not aware, the term digital nomad refers to people who travel around the world while working online. They could be just remote workers for a company, freelancers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, YouTubers, drop shippers, language professors. . . the list grows each year as people find new avenues to make money online.

The Digital Nomad Summit is a gathering of digital nomads—and those who are interested in the lifestyle—who hear lectures from the top minds in the field. The Digital Nomad Summit’s speakers break down exactly how they became successful—and how you can do it too.

Hosted in Chiang Mai for the last six years, this was the first time it was held in Mexico—specifically in Cancún. Having them so close to the office was an excellent excuse for a company vacation, so our CEO (who has been an enthusiast and ardent advocate of self-empowerment for all of us) felt it was a perfect excuse for a company vacation to get some R+R before the busy season.

Digital Nomad Summit

– Our Previous Experience with Digital Nomad Summit –

It’s not my first trip to the Digital Nomad Summit. Last year, I traveled throughout Asia for four months with our CEO, and as a Christmas bonus, he offered me a ticket to the Digital Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai. I accepted—mostly out of curiosity—and I had a wonderful time! I met friends that I will continue to cherish for years to come. 

In addition, I made valuable connections that have served me in developing my own branding. Lastly, I gained valuable skills that I have been applying to our marketing at WeExpats—and beyond to my own projects. To any of you who are thinking of traveling abroad while earning a living, the Digital Nomad Summit comes highly recommended from all of us at WeExpats.

Digital Nomad Summit

The WeExpats crew that was able to make it to the Digital Nomad Summit in Cancun.

WeExpats Goes to the Digital Nomad Summit – The WeExpats Crew:

Obviously not all our employees could make it—neither in Mexico nor abroad, but a solid group made it from our office in San Miguel de Allende. The lineup featured some of the best of the best:

– Aldis Barsketis – 

Holding the WeExpats moniker “Arbiter”, Aldis is the founder of WeExpats. He boasts over three decades of experience in the field, and he has the stories to match. 

– Justin Barsketis –

Justin is the CEO of WeExpats. This 27-year-old hotshot is an entrepreneur and insurance expert. He also specializes in marketing and all things tech. 

– Barbara Palazuelos –

Known as “Babs” in the office, Barbara Palazuelos is our Claims Director. That means she is the trainer in your corner while you’re in the boxing match fighting whatever illness or recovery you have ahead of you. Be nice to her.

– Jason Wellner –

Jason Finger-in-Everyone’s-Pie Wellner is our Operations Director. If you make a 12-hour crockpot stew of everything that has to be done on a typical day in the office—that’s him. 

– Livia Alcaraz –

Then there’s our Claims Assistant Livia. However, she’s so much more than a claims assistant. She is our only Mexican-born employee. The rest of us are like you: expats. She makes sure, “We’re not just a bunch of gringos.”

– Chandler Hunt –

Sales extraordinaire, all-star broker, and hungover marathon runner, “El Chando” tops the charts in almost every sales category. 

– James Guzman –

James “Gunz” Guzman is the office rookie, but he’s been hitting the ground running and his story is becoming a broker boss in his own right—a Cinderella story to watch for in the coming months.

– Raf Bracho –

The WeExpats Marketing Director and anti-pineapple pizza advocate. I’m the Mexican-American nomad that brings you the knowhow to travel the world.

Digital Nomad Summit

The Digital Nomad Summit in Cancun gathering before the first round of talks.

WeExpats Goes to the Digital Nomad Summit – The Mission:

(Should We Choose to Accept It). . . 

– The First Night – 

This was Orientation Night at the hotel where the festivities are going to take place. Everyone began to shake off their inhibition with each other over drinks and nachos. You can’t do it without nachos.

– The Second Day –

We ate breakfast—I probably ingested too many baked goods—and then we listened to speeches until lunch. We crossed the street to a restaurant featuring Mexican cuisine ranging from tacos al pastor to vegan grilled veggies like bell peppers and nopal, rice, and guacamole. Then back to more speeches revealing the Digital Nomad Summit’s secret wisdom. (Just kidding, it’s all available on their YouTube channel a month after the Digital Nomad Summit event, completely for free.)

*To see the Digital Nomad Summit’s YouTube channel, click here. 

Digital Nomad Summit

The Digital Nomad Summit gathers in Abolengo after the second day.

– The Second Night –

After a long day of talking, the speakers were clearly in need of drinks to quench their parched throats, and the entire Digital Nomad Summit reluctantly crossed the street to Abolengo right in the heart of the Cancún strip. 

Digital Nomad Summit

The Digital Nomad Summit gathers for a pool party and networking event on the final day.

– The Final Day –

The final day consisted of a pool party where everyone—now acquainted with each other—began to network and connect in meaningful ways. This is the day when you truly forge friendships that you can feel will last a lifetime and connections that can help you today.

This was followed by a type of speed-networking event where everyone officially got to introduce themselves to the rest of the Digital Nomad Summit (don’t worry, if public speaking isn’t your thing, this event is optional and plenty of people are networking outside).

– The Final Night –

The final night went to a dollar-bar where all food and drinks were only a dollar. We ate $1-dollar bar food while solidifying our connections until the establishment closed.

– Later Events–

For the following week, the Digital Nomad Summit continued to meet up for various workshops, talks, and fun events like scuba diving off the coast of Cozumel. But hey, we have to get back to managing your claims and making sure your trips around the world are covered!

Digital Nomad Summit

Some of the WeExpats crew learning a lot of valuable material from the Digital Nomad Summit.

 WeExpats Goes to the Digital Nomad Summit – Conclusion:

The Digital Nomad Summit proved to be an invaluable experience. I’ve already covered that we forged friendships and gained knowledge that can benefit us in all our endeavors for years to come.

However, our own work environment equally grew from the experience. We bonded as a team—not only working from the same office but living in the same house. I feel more confident that our company will continue to grow, that when I look to my coworker, I will find a person who is equally willing to go the extra mile with me; not just a fellow employee, but a friend

Come and be a part of the WeExpats family! 

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