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Most Romantic Places in Mexico

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Rafael Bracho

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Most Romantic Places in Mexico

That Won’t Break the Bank


Most Romantic Places in Mexico

Mexico has long been recognized as one of the most romantic countries in the world. It’s attracted honeymoon couples for decades—centuries if you count Maximilian I. Known for its tropical beaches, stunning colonial pueblos, and friendly, welcoming people, Mexico has it all.

To try and boil down the most romantic places in Mexico, I had to develop some criteria. I wanted: stunning vistas, good service and infrastructure, and fair prices. In particular, I focused on quieter places that lack the hustle and bustle of other tourist destinations, so you can focus on spending time with your significant other.

If I offer any criticism of the following criteria in the rest of the article, it should be noted that every choice on this beach is a must-see.


San Miguel de Allende

Most Romantic Places in Mexico

Maybe Expat Insurance is a little biased toward San Miguel because the company is based here, but read any article on romantic spots in Mexico, and San Miguel de Allende is at the top of our list.

Boasting some of the best infrastructure in Mexico, this is an ideal destination for a romantic getaway. With charming colonial architecture and friendly people, San Miguel de Allende ranks among the best places to take in another culture—together.

Criticism: If there’s one critique, it’s that San Miguel is not the cheapest Mexican city. You can live here on a budget, but when you’re on a romantic excursion, you generally want to live well.



Most Romantic Places in Mexico

Tepoztlán is a charming pueblo situated at the foot of the Tepozteco—a mountain in the Mexican state of Morelos. During the summer and early fall—when the rains come—fog rolls over the green mountain, giving the place a sense of being like a forgotten paradise: a secret garden.

Tepoztlán boasts some of the best hiking and nature in all of Mexico. However, it only has small businesses like restaurants, bars, banks, and pharmacies. This is a great way to lose yourself in the culture, but be warned that this pueblo generally closes early, and has little nightlife outside of raves hosted in nearby Amatlán.

Criticism: Tepoztlán is affordable, and the vistas are stunning. If there were one lacking feature, it would be the town’s infrastructure. Oh you’ll find internet, but if you require high-speed internet everywhere (or other big-city amenities), then you might want to consider a different destination.



Most Romantic Places in Mexico

Bacalar is known as the Lagoon of Seven Colors. Situated half an hour from the border with Belize, the best way to reach Bacalar is flying into either Chetumal (30 mins away) or Mahahual airports (1hr, 15mins away).

This is a stunning location for couples looking to get away from civilization, and find a forgotten paradise to explore their love. The prices are very affordable—though you may be roughing it a bit. It’s long been a favorite of locals living in the Riviera Maya, though recently it’s gaining a bit of international attention.

Criticism: Bacalar is perhaps the least developed destination in this article. The term “glamping” (a portmanteau of “glamorous camping”) to describe the amenities in Bacalar would not be amiss. You can find comfortable places to stay, but don’t expect all inclusive hotels.

Punta Mita

Most Romantic Places in Mexico

Located on a point halfway between Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita, this tourist destination features some of the best amenities anywhere along the Pacific Coast of Mexico. With top hotels and restaurants and stunning beaches, you’ll find everything you need to spend a romantic weekend with your partner.

Criticism: In Punta Mita, you’re unlikely to experience much Mexican culture. Both Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita are known for their heavy population of expats, nomads, and tourists—not for their roots. Oh, you can find traditional Mexico if you look—but it won’t come to you.



Most Romantic Places in Mexico

Holbox is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. This 26-mile island off the coast of the Gulf side of the Yucatan Peninsula is a mostly untouched nature reserve. Efforts to corporatize Holbox have been steadily resisted by the locals, and for the moment, it remains in their hands.

It features the same stunning water and shallow beaches—perfect for wading to be alone with your partner—as Isla Mujeres, but with half the people and twice the space. It’s affordable and the people are generally friendly if you come with respect for the natural environment.

It also boasts some of the top natural attractions for those romantic couples that love getting away from civilization to be alone. It’s also most famous for setting up hammocks on poles over the water, so the evaporating ocean water cools the surrounding air. It’s a perfect way to beat the heat in a setting that could be on the cover of a travel magazine.

Criticism: Holbox has many affordable bed and breakfast options, but major hotels are uncommon, service is slow, and internet is poor. It’s quiet and relaxing, perfect for those couples that don’t need a pulsing nightlife.


La Paz

Most Romantic Places in Mexico

The capital of Baja California, La Paz is a hidden gem on the Sea of Cortez. Like Puerto Banús in Andalucía, Spain, La Paz is a yacht town. So, there’s lots of money coming through this small, Mexican city. Nevertheless, you can still live well on a budget.

Featuring trendy locales and health-conscious restaurants along a clean, modern beachwalk, La Paz is a perfect place for lovers of quaint, developed destinations. And its top attractions are its stunning beaches featuring crystal clear water with long, shallow beaches.

Criticism: La Paz gets very hot except during the winter months. The towns along the Gulf of Mexico lack the wind that hits their counterparts along the Pacific coast.



Most Romantic Places in Mexico

A favorite of locals in Mexico, Orizaba is situated in the mountains of Veracruz, about two hours from the city of Veracruz. This town exudes culture for those couples that like listening to the intoxicating sounds of jarocho while sipping a coffee on the idyllic colonial streets of this Mexican pueblo.

Orizaba is basically a suburb of the nearby city of Cordoba, thus, it has decent infrastructure, with all the necessities of a modern city. However, it manages to retain that small-town feel. Thus, it’s not lacking in infrastructure, and it’s affordable.

Criticism: To be honest, there’s little to critique about Orizaba. If we were to list one critique, it would be that it’s not easy to get to. Two hours from Veracruz airport, and 1.5 hours from Tehuacan airport in Puebla. The closest airport is Juan Antonio Perdomo Diaz National Airport, which currently offers no commercial flights.


Most Romantic Places in Mexico

This is hardly an exhaustive list. There are countless hidden gems in Mexico left to explore. But if you’re looking for an unforgettable time with your beloved, then this article can hopefully point you in the right direction.

All of us at Expat Insurance encourage you to explore Mexico’s hidden corners. And be sure to insure your trip with coverage that will keep you safe so you can focus on your romantic passion.

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