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Tuesday, June 14th 2022

The Kiosks of Mexico

Most kiosks are open-air structures denoting a raised platform enclosed by a simple hand-railing, and then covered with a roof to provide shade for the platform. This broad definition allows for a great variety of architectural styles—and Mexico’s kiosks reflect this diversity. In this article, Expat Insurance looks into the history of these architectural marvels—namely, why they are so popular—with a particular focus on the most-famous of all these gazebos: the Kiosko Morisco in Mexico City.

Thursday, June 9th 2022

What Are Gusanos de Maguey?

The term “gusanos de maguey” comes from the Spanish language, “gusanos” meaning worms and “maguey” meaning the agave plant. This word has come to denote two different species, each with their own name in the Aztec language: Nahuatl. And one species **isn’t even a worm**.

Thursday, June 9th 2022

Will Mexico Slow its Immigration Crackdown?

This article explores the Mexican Supreme Court's decision to overturn two articles of Immigration Law it saw as discriminatory and unconstitutional.

Thursday, May 26th 2022

A Guide to Mexican Airlines

Mexican Airlines are a mixed bunch. Some can rival the best airlines in Europe; others are shameful in the way they treat their clients. In this article, Expat Insurance hopes to help you make sense of some of the major airlines, so you can avoid the terrible experiences. Here’s a guide to ranking the best—and worst—airlines in Mexico.

Monday, May 16th 2022

How to Get Drinking Water in Mexico

The most common reason why people get sick is from drinking non-potable water. That means water that isn’t safe to drink, and in Mexico, that means *tap water*.

Monday, May 9th 2022

It’s Jacaranda Season in Mexico

One of the most beautiful places to behold the coming of spring is in Central Mexico. Already known for its stunning landscapes, Central Mexico draws international attention every year—in particular because of jacaranda season. If you’re curious about jacarandas, then you’re in the right place. This article will tell you everything you need to know about jacarandas for your stay in Central Mexico.

Tuesday, May 3rd 2022

Fresh Chilies Versus Dried Chillies In Mexico

You may be familiar with the different types of chillies In Mexico, but did you know that when a chili pepper is dried, the name changes? Many Mexicans aren’t aware of this fact.

Monday, April 25th 2022

The Bizarre Easter Processions of Taxco de Alarcon

For seven days leading up to Easter, the little colonial pueblo of Taxco de Alarcon in the Mexican state of Guerrero becomes packed with international tourists. All have come to see the bizarre Easter processions—a piece of Late Renaissance culture still alive in Mexico. Some processions are during the day, others are at night, but most processions tend to span 1.5 miles, while enduring brutal conditions. That’s because many of these processions tend to involve mortification of the flesh.

Monday, April 18th 2022

What is Huitlacoche

Though corn farmers in other parts of the world have thought of huitlacoche as a parasite contaminating their crop, Mexican farmers have long indulged in this savory mushroom. Now, it’s taking the fine-dining world by storm, and some corn farmers are even purposely infecting their crops with huitlacoche to harvest this new, lucrative commodity.

Tuesday, April 12th 2022

The Difference between Mexican Coasts

This article aims to give you some food for thought when you’re picking a spot to visit or live in, but it’s not going to be a comprehensive guide. It’s a metaphor. There are great differences between Los Cabos and Huatulco. There are also vast differences between Tampico and Chetumal. So keep in mind that the mark of a metaphor is that when it’s taken literally, it’s reduced to absurdity.

Wednesday, April 6th 2022

What is Cinco de Mayo: Why do Americans Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

If you are like many Americans who wonder what is Cinco de Mayo, then this article will give you a full explanation of this Mexican-American holiday. You will learn about its rich history, why do Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and how it became popular in the United States. Click here to learn more!

Wednesday, April 6th 2022

Making Sense of Spanish Diminutive Names

In short, a Spanish diminutive name is a nickname that you use in place of a typical Spanish given name. We do this in English all the time without realizing it. Bob for Robert, Jack for Jonathan, Suzie for Susanne. . . etc. A classic Spanish example would be Mari for María. Using a diminutive name is a way of denoting affection—and it never hurts to let people know that you’re working to become a part of their culture.


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